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Quit living your life by the book. So many things can fuck you over and hurt you but the most important thing to do is to learn from them. If you keep the faith in your friends, music, your goals, what have you, on the same level as the faith you can have in yourself, if you can distance yourself a healthy amount from the things that hurt you while still learning from them, you can create your own path and stop walking down the one made for you by other people. You can grant yourself absolution. You can tear out the pages left to read and write your own ending.


released December 16, 2011

Written and performed by The Gillingham Fire Demonstration. Produced and Mixed by Mike Poisson. Recorded at House of Fish.
Artwork by Louis Cyr.



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Trench Ottawa, Ontario

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Track Name: Pariah
Why are you so miserable?
Why do you hate everyone?
You're not the only one that feels ashamed (You're not alone)
Everybody's an outcast in their own way
Forgive and forget
Everybody decides how much sin they can live with (how much sin can you live with?)
But your body count is so damn sickening
So tear out the pages left to read in your little black book
Life is too short to be so damn pissed off all the time
So drop the gun and join us in the light
Track Name: Sound (feat. Boyan Antonov)
Spitting rhymes or hitting vibratos
It doesn't matter as long as you've got 'em
Any congregation that satisfies you
Any asshole'll always try to evacuate them (evacuate)
Don't give them a fucking inch
Don't run away from your voice, you're better than that
Shattered eardrums is evidence of some god
True evil dwells in silence, revels in its emptiness
Become the decibels
Speak with your ears
There is a message in all of our heads
That if we went deaf we would rather be dead
They'll be glad not to hear you scream
When you're forever in debt to the fucking soil
Every note is a fucking blessing
Only silence is pure abjectness
The war on words, nonsensical
There's only freedom in speech
Track Name: Meat
Trapped in a world built like a cage
Founded by predators in seven days
We are the prey, we are the prey
The pigs are quiet, have no words to say
Feel the acid rain dripping down from lying airwaves
The cranes are building up an empire hellbent on dragging us in
The planet is turning into an endless cycle of things getting old
It's getting old but no-one is getting tired at all
Our meat is all they want
The war will never end
Our meat is all they want
Punk rock won't save your life
I know it's only rock and roll but I fucking hate it
We all end up as dirt
What's in it for me?
Track Name: Thailand (feat. Mike Poisson)
Face the facts, you haven't gone far enough
deep inside your mind and out into the world
Reach new horizons
Don't ever stray from that path
Your mind is forcing you to escape the clutches of your home
Breath all kinds of air
Let the clarity pierce your lungs
Don't tread on ocean waters
Don't drown in shallow standards
You've got more than time to lose, man
You've got more than time to lose
Well I never knew the world could be so beautiful
The constant smell of sweat and shit is making me fucking sick of sitting here and waiting for my life to end up in a hole I can't dig myself out of
The sky has no limit for me
Neither does the soil beneath my feet
When all I do is look ahead
I'll make my life, flash before my eyes
But I've seen so much, that it will take twice as long
Track Name: Progress
A shining light that has seemed to fade
has given up on providing guidance
Everything we thought we knew as kids
Into a black abyss
But for some there's still hope out there, a reason to believe
Well you gotta believe in something
As long as it brings you peace
Turning my back creates a pain that I can't stomach
It'll dig even deeper 'til my guts are on the floor
and I can't feel a single fucking thing anymore
I have achieved healthy progress
I'll tear out the pages left to read
I don't need them anymore
Track Name: Pages
The grass is always green but I can't feed this craving
I've led a great life but still there is something missing
A sense of security, a sense of comfort
It feels like the world is stepping on my neck
It's not what I had in mind, It's not what I had in mind
My skies are never cloudy, my eyes are always closed
My skies are never cloudy but still I'm searching for gold
I tore out the pages left to read
Never realized I needed to know the ending
There was no conclusion for miles and miles
What the hell is wrong with me?
It's quite clear that I should be happy
So I'll rewrite the whole thing
In the end, it's my own story
I burned those pages, they're gone
Won't live like that anymore
Turns out I didn't need the pages left to read